European elections – part II

Tomorrow the European Union elections take place in the Netherlands. They want us to give them a vote of confidence for being capable of leading Europe with vision and decisiveness. Yet, after all this time they still have not even managed to roll back the decision to make Strasbourg the main seat of the European Union instead of Brussels, even though it’s costing us 180 million for them to move to Strasbourg for 4 days every month.

This decision was made at the time as a symbol for Germany and France working together and was written down in the Foundation for the European Union. Big mistake!

Even though, almost everyone is convinced the seat in Brussels is far more preferable, they still haven’t managed to stand up to France and say “It’s a bit of tough luck you’re having.” and changing that situation.

If correcting that situation has taken all these years to roll back, why should we even believe that they are capable of being decisive and act swiftly on other matters?

Seriously, there are some points where working together as one Europe has its advantages, but the European Parliament needs to be reformed and the people of the European Union should have a possibility to use a referendum to put things right in cases like this.

After all, they want democracy, which means ruling by the people, not the members of parliament.

Also, there are 571 members of parliament, why so many? The smallest countries now get 6 seats in parliament. I would say, divide the whole thing by 6. The smallest countries get 1 seat and the rest proportional. It should not significantly change the outcome and the balance of power within Europe, but at least it’s 6 times cheaper to maintain!

What do you think?

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