European elections

The European elections are getting near and although I can see the importance of voting I feel the democratic system of the European Union is flawed in a similar way to the Dutch local democratic system.

Actually, it is not a democracy at all. It’s ruling by parties, not people. The whole point is that the people do not actually get a say in the individual topics at hand. We get a single vote for a (person within) a party and then the parties that have won enter these weird negotiations to reach an agreement that has a majority of party representatives within the European Parliament supporting it. So, it might even be that the topic(s) you used to cast your vote have been scratched from the resulting agreement.

The parties then declare that they represent the majority of voters in the European Union and try to create policies to implement that items in the agreement. When people object, they state that they have received the votes to support their point of view on the subject at hand and as such we are to blame for the result. Yeah, right!!

I know that getting everyone to vote on any single law or policy (which would constitute the true meaning of a democracy) is problematic to say the least. People may not have the knowledge to answer the question at hand, or they may simply not care about the topic at all.

Still, there should be a mechanism where we have more control over the issues at hand. The people living in the European Union we should at least have the power to decide on the general direction to go for each of the major topics, perhaps by using a referendum.

Mind you, it doesn’t have to be about every single detail. It should give the people the power to correct what the policy makers try to force down our throats. See it as an approval of the final design. I think it could also benefit politicians. Since a majority has decided on the general direction of each main item in the agreement, the argument that the politicians are doing whatever they want becomes less powerful.

Politicians should realise that in a democracy they work on behalf of the people they represent. They spend money on behalf of those same people. Most importantly, it still is the money of those people. It’s not the money of the politicians and it would show so much more wisdom if they would budget accordingly.

A politician in a democracy is a servant, a caretaker, not a decision maker, even though most politicians seem to think that their job means that they are in control.

The elections are just around the corner. There is still time for politicians to show that they do understand real democracy, although their personal hunger for power will probably prevent them from even seeing it.

So, what do you think? Elections in the European Union still worth it, or a waste of time and money?

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