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Windmill De Vlieger in winter time.


Molennet is the name of my own little corner of the internet.

The name ‘molennet’, consists of ‘molen’, the Dutch word for mill, and ‘net’, which is short for network.

The name was inspired by my last name, Vermeulen, which translated roughly means ‘of the mill’ or ‘from the mill’, even though it has been corrupted to something more closely resembling ‘o' the mill’.

The second inspiration for the name is a beautiful windmill that is part of our local heritage and that I happen to support.

Windmill ‘De Vlieger’

The windmill is called ‘De Vlieger’ and it is preserved by the ‘Molen De Vlieger’ foundation. It was built in 1621 AD. The image to the left shows this beautiful windmill in the snow.

Originally, ‘De Vlieger’ molen was built to help us keep our feet dry, as it is a water pumping mill that uses an Archimedes screw to pump the water to a higher level.

The windmill used to be located elsewhere in our community when it was still actively managing water levels. It's previous location was in the ‘Binckhorst polder’ and it was used to pump the water out of the polder that was situated between the high ground, on which the ‘Haagse Bos’ is located, and the high ground, on which the town of ‘Voorburg’ is located.

In fact it was close to the old swimming pool, which was even named ‘De Vliegermolen’ (the Vlieger windmill) after the mill that it was built next to.

When the area was redeveloped, the outdoor pool disappeared, a smaller indoor pool was created in it's place, the windmill got boxed in by new development and it became an obstacle that was in the way.

Plans for relocation of the windmill were made as early as 1966, but it would take until 1989 before the windmill was finally relocated to its current location, a feat that drew a lot of attention at the time.

Although, the windmill is no longer actively part of the drainage system, it is still operational and it can pump water from the canal into the bassin on the other side, thereby regulating the height of the water in the canal. The windmill is also open to the public as a museum where you can learn about the history of the Netherlands and the role of windmills in creating the country that we know today.

A portrait of the author.

Q.R. Vermeulen

My name is Quirijn Vermeulen and I am a Technical Author and writer.

As a Technical Author I have written manuals, help documents and other materials for software products. Due to the nature of the work, I have also done copywriting work, such as product descriptions, as well as other documentation, for example, a multi-language General Terms and Conditions document.

Currently, I'm learning the ins and outs of the service desk to work on the new service desk manual and other related documentation to help new employees find their way.

As I writer, I mostly write for my blog, where I share my personal views on topics that are relevant at the time of publishing.